Penis piercings

A PA is the least painful and one of the fastest healing pierecing its like a sharp needle prick and all done, takes a day or so to fully stop bleeding then a month to fully heal, after about 9 months you can start putting larger rings in most people stop at 6mm, you can get Titanium ones too the are very light weight

My husband tried a beaded cock ring on me and I can’t say it enhanced my enjoyment. This beaded cock ring fitted under the head of his cock. It fitted securely due to his erection. I had high expectations but it didn’t rock my boat. However it did look good.

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Haha I’ll tell them I wanna have a firm inspection of it sometime :smile:

I will be honest and say a body piercing does hurt but it lasts about as long as it takes you to arch your back. The folks I really respect are those that get a second nipple piecing once they know what to expect.

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Ok so how do you add photos?

Once you have been granted, please read the policy about photos too

There are loads of places in that department that can be pierced ,some no more painful than an ear piercing ,looks great too ,if it ends up as a bonus for both of u it’s win win,or maybe when your on your own that’s great ,it’s just jewellery with benefits

I don’t mind either way and my boyfriend has one, which he got last year. He said he wanted one for a while as he liked how it looked and the idea of it. It took a few weeks to heal and he loves it. It adds a bit for me but nothing earth shattering, I do like knowing that he has it tucked away in his pants though.

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Jewellery only ,but it has added something when I’m pleasing myself