Penis plugs

So... I've seen penis plugs for sale on here, but to be honest, it just seems like it would be really uncomfortable and not too pleasurable!

Has anyone tried them? What do they feel like?

Yep. Got one this week. went for It's FANTASTIC. See all the reviews when you view the item.

I've used penis plugs, took me a while to get a 10mm one in which was strangely pleasurable! but looked great when it was in, my OH loved it, I'm writing in pass tense as I got a bit addicted and I'm now in to sounding, I've got a set of hagar sounds and I'm now up to a 14mm sound, I'm struggling to get a 15mm in but thats part of the fun! Only problem with sounding to 14mm is I can't now get a penis plug to fit, my 10mm just drops out! I love it but it will be down to own preference!