Penis Pump Question

Hi all,

Just a quick one, my SO is very happy with my size (so that's a good do!) but I read that penis pumps can help improve stamina.

I don't want my "John Thomas" as named in the penis pump description to get any longer really as sometimes with deep penetration positions my SO claims it feels "like it's next to my stomach" but some stamina certainly wouldn't go a miss.

If you could let me know if they really do improve stamina that'd be great.



They can definitely improve stamina however, penis pumps need to be used very consisently to maintain those results and you would likely see an increase in your size too.

Have you considered trying something such as the Stamina Fleshlight?

Orrr maybe even something such as

They require less effort and more pleasure! :)

Hi Paige,

Thanks for that! I shall have a look at them.


I know it's more of a high effort route to what you want but I can really recommend doing pelvic floor exercises (yes, they are for men as well as women!). I started doing them as a therapy for ED (for which I'm sure they have been the major factor in my recovery) but have also found that they make my erection far harder and give me far better control over when I cum.

A butt plug is a useful resistance device against which to clench while doing the exercises and help you tell that you are doing them right. You do need one that has a decent base as, when you get good at them, you can suck one with a small base all the way in (guess how I know!)

Edging on yourself might be a good way to go keep bringing yourself near to orgasm and then stopping the masturbating or try to stop yourself from coming it does work I've done it, it takes a while to master but perseverance is a must, also training your inner stomach muscles helps, whilst standing or sitting hold your stomach in as if your trying to stop yourself peeing do this 10 or so times on the trot throughout the day it works wonders and you won't get any increase in penis size that you don't want

Would agree with the edging to improve 'stamina'. I put it in inverted commas as I think it is the wrong word. It is more a case of learning how your body feels when it is near orgasms and learning to turn back a little from that point. This then keeps it pleasurable for you and your partner. Edging is, in my view, an intense experience, and being able to do that during penetrative sex is even more intense.