Penis pumps can anyone explain

Hiya all,

Me and my husband were wondering about penis pumps if one was used directly after my husband had spunked would it make him erect again right away ?

Maybe a silly question but i have no idea and he has never had one,

Thanks in advance


It wouldn't make him per se, the suction can help an erection, but won't make one on it's own.

It might do but you/ he will need to put a tight cock ring or band on to keep it.

Thanks guys for the info, Might order him one.


I would say give him a minute then get yourselves in a 69 and he will get another erection. Can't say pumping directly after an orgasm will produce an erection. I also expect it would be a little painful. I have used a pump and they don't produce an erection as such.

The Hydromax pumps certainly produce an erection. I mean, the pumps are sucking blood and fluids into the tissues so getting the erection from pumping is normal, keeping the erection however, won't be as simple. The erection produced from pumping is 100% down to the physical act of drawing fluids into the penis. When the pump is removed, the fluids will mostly drain back out again. Pumping can leave a bit of swelling for a few hours, but not what you could call anything like an erection. You can always use a cock ring immediately after removing the pump and this MAY hold the erection for a short while longer, but trapping the fluid inside with a ring will only be a little more effective, for longer, than pumping alone, as the blood can still drain.

Short answer: Pumping will help him get the erection, but he needs to be aroused to keep it.

as said above a cock ring would also help/work, a rubber one tight at the base to stop blood flow away