penis pumps

Hi, i'm new here thought i'd give it a go. I have resently purchased a penis pump hoping to increase the length and girth as i'm short in both measurements, is there anyone there who has used or still using one and is it working, I have read up about these pumps on Google and it wasn't good as the report says that they dont work, in other cases they do if one keeps at it for good periods of time. what do you say, i look forward for a reply. i am below average size so i am looking for a good 4cm in length and girth.


To continue, would like the femalel thoughts about this maybe there bf or husband may have used the same


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I suggest you read the rules -

If your looking for a penis pump I suggest looking at this link to help you find the one you want as LH have a fine selection of pumps if you read the reviews that have been left on the product this will give you an insight of what people who have used them think -

I already have one, and have been using it for the passed 3 days off and on, after 3 days my penis gained 3/4 inch but only temperary, i think it will be a long prosess.

Tell me if you may, how would you be able to get satisfaction from a 4" penis if possible.

I've watch a bit of porn and its all to do with large cocks, sometimes i wonder how the women take it, so i could i possibly satisfy that same person,

Think i was lucky when i married a woman who had a very tight pussy, even with my size i sometimes had to use oil for starters,

maybe i should ask for tight pussies only