penis pumps

has anyone used one and what results do you get

The bathmate pumps are amazing! My husband got one as a tester and it definitely made him bigger, but it was a bit uncomfortably big so he doesnt use it much anymore. You get instant results though, it's immediately more harder, thicker and a lot bigger!! Bathmate definitely works!

if ya dont mind me asking how big before and then how big after??

If you read the reviews most will tell you the gains. It won't suddenly turn you into a monster. They require continuous work to have long term gains. Gains after use for me were about half inch girth and half inch length. Noticeable by myself and my oh. These gains subside about 30 mins after use. Long term I would say only a slight difference so far.

Being Mr Bigpackage maybe you won't need to use one ;)

well i wouldnt say im small lol but the OH loves being fisted so thought could be good to make my manhood even bigger lol

Bloody hell, they won't make you as big as a fist lol. The bathmates are great. I have reviewed one. Take a look on my profile for the review.

no i didnt want it as big as a fist just bigger than i am at the moment

Think of them like lifting weight, they make you bigger and you have to do them regularly to keep the size. If you stop using them the gains will decline. As for what gains to expect. I'm sorry it varies a lot from person to person and they are good examples of unlocking your potential. If you're already close to your potential, it won't have as big an effect.