Penis Size Discussions

We had a group of friends over last night for a few drinks. Quite a few actually!
Most of the wives had recently been on a hen night and they were telling the women who hadn’t been on the night out about one of the strippers they’d seen. More to the point, how big his dick was soft. They were saying that even when flaccid his dick was about 7-8 inches long.
After some discussions on what they thought he would look like hard, they started talking about our penis sizes. I’m not sure how honest they were, there were some pretty big numbers being thrown around. What I do know for certain was that my wife said it pretty accurately. I was by far the smallest, which got some oohs and aahs and some sad faces looking at me.
Anyway, my question is, do these type of conversations go on with others on here and how do you feel about it?


I’ve only ever brought up hubby’s size on here the forum.
I wouldn’t discuss the size of his cock, anywhere else or with anyone else.
And I’ve only put it on here with his permission, I wouldn’t discuss it without it.


Im going to ask but you dont have to answer. How big is yours… Im only wondering because i think your OH was a little unfair to you The friends ooh and ahhs with the sympathetic sad faces are a bit harsh too… Unless you are all really close and its ok to discuss anything with them. Clearly its got you to pose the question… Was also wondering how it made you feel…


I think you should offer to help out any of those women who are curious but nervous about anal. :bum1:


I’ve had those conversations.
My friend has shown me pics from peoples fab profiles to ask if I think their penis looks small. She doesn’t want to have an awkward conversation if its too small for her.

I think its natural for it to come up when you’re talking about sex and if its been good. We’ve also talked about anal and her big ass and that she needs someone with a long penis because her ass is going to minus off a few inches. And if he has a fupa then that’ll take off a bit more. Wanting a big penis is sometimes about just making it fit with our bodies.


I am happy with what I got no one else gets to use or see it other than the Mrs :+1: it’s filled a pram ; times and works fine so no problems here size is relative :ok_hand:to the place it goes in


I’m sure there’s loads of conversations what ladies talk about, especially when they are having a tipsy time…
My wife’s friendship groups conversation can go in any direction :joy::joy: especially after wine


Flaccid it depends. Anything from 0.5 to 2 inches. Hard, it’s just over 4 inches on a good day.
I’m pretty comfortable with my size (or lack of it) and some of our friends have seen me naked on holidays. However, never with an erection. What what I’ve seen and read, my erect size definitely qualifies for small or even very small.


Well from the other many threads on this or similar topics, I would say that is on the smaller end of the average spectrum. But NOT small or very small. If you get a ruler out and look at 4" then see the increase to 6" (me) there is not a lot of difference. There again if I look at 8" its not more than my 6" would still like a bit more tho but am really not bothered. Think its more about how it looks flaccid… Any way how did it make you feel with the sad faces thing.

Never had that conversation, not sure if the OH has. She has seen a few males strippers and has mention cock sizes, but not really as a comparison. She has spent more time telling what the other girls got up to, one of her friends in particular who was a bit of a game girl and up for anything.

In terms of size I would say 6 inches flaccid and probably 7-8 inches erect.

Because i want to do the whole nudist beach thing I would be a lot happier being a shower not a grower. Its not going to stop me tho

Smaller might actually be less embarrassing if it’s a respectable nudist beach where you’re not supposed to get excited.

Good point…

This always seems to be a hot topic but to turn it around, how do girls feel when guys talk about their woman’s vagina.
If my OH started telling the lads about how tight/loose I am I would feel really weird.

I saw a TikTok of a girl with a tape measure and she showed how long 4, 6, 8, 10 inches actually is. Most of us girls have no clue what we are talking about :joy:

In my very small circle I have to keep telling my single friends that no, the boys in books don’t exist and neither do their monstrous dicks. Plus we often converse about how terrible a massive penis would be. We have enough material for a PowerPoint presentation at this stage.
Therefore by process of elimination my friends can safely devise that I do not get slammed by a monstrous wien but, they do know I get slammed well, so I let the math do the mathin.

I assume you look after your wife well, if she was not satisfied she probably wouldn’t have mentioned your size within earshot. Maybe when you weren’t listening she was telling them how well you use it. You never know.


@mrssaffa raises a good point, women don’t like the ‘sausage in a tunnel’ analogy, and I don’t think it’s because ‘some’ men don’t realise that looser means happy, because ‘some’ women don’t know that either.


Weirdly I reckon the conversation is bound to come up at least once amongst friendship groups especially with men when all together as it’s a natural curiosity everyone gets at some point :sweat_smile:

Flaccid size really isn’t a size. God made us “retractable” so that we could actually work, run, lift things, etc.

I’m Canadian… pre-shower after being outside on a cold day my balls are bigger than my dick! That thing retreats into the warmth of its shell pretty quickly. However, a hot bath or a shower, a pre-sex jerk when warm and I come out of the shower looking like a porn star! (Actually not, just a semi-fit dad bod with a 6.5" fully erect penis)

I am impressed how big it is flaccid sometimes… but for the most part, it looks like every other dick in a men’s change room…shriveled and sad looking.

I do have a buddy that I play hockey with and he could be a stripper. Other than his ugly face (lol), he has a great body and a massive flaccid dick that even catches my attention. I can’t imagine that thing hammering away on his tiny wife who is super small framed and likely never taking that thing anally.

I’m 6.5" long and 6.5" thick (when measured with a flexible sewing tape measure wrapped around it), probably a little uncomfortable for anal as well but she has never wanted to try and refuses to so I will never know.

When I hear Mrs. Val gasp doing doggy, however, I think I know that it is probably deep enough. She also gets sore pretty quick and I am shaved completely bald so no hair wearing her out and no piercings.

I fit her and she fits me. Good enough for us!


Not sure if my wife has talked about my size with friends, I’m average 5.5 inch. I do know she does talk with her friends about sex as it was her idea to rim and peg after coming home and telling stories about work friend’s doing this.


@jeff.mpp I am reliably informed size isn’t everything by Lady Kink


I think it’s natural to discuss some aspects of your sexual relationship and I’ve had partners who have discussed size and sexual activities in the past. Most have been pretty complimentary although there have been times when I found it a little embarrassing, especially when dating a girl from work. We’ve also had conversations as a couple with other friends, usually after dinner and a few drinks. I remember one of my partners gfs stating that at least when she gets married she would no longer need to give blow jobs. I’m not sure if the woman was joking but my partner replied ‘really, I quite enjoy doing those’. That put a huge smile on my face and shut her friend up