Penis sleeve

So I purchased the mega thick 2inch sleeve couple of months ago and my gorgeous wife who I adore didn't seem interested when we tried it and said that it was uncomfortable. Fast forward to the past bank holiday weekend and during sexting I said about trying it again.! Well after a few drinks we did and although plenty of lube was required and time needed it got in and after a short while I was pumping slowly she was responding moans groans and things getting wet. Anyway after we had finished and was talking I asked if she enjoyed it to which I was shocked when she replied "not sure no it was uncomfortable " I am now very confused I was sure all the signs and sounds was yes yes moremore. Is she saying she didn't like so not to hurt my feelings?

Ask her!

If she is similar to my OH she can enjoy the sleeve but prefers the sensation without. Luckily size isn't everything!

It sounds like she did enjoy the sensation last time but it might still be uncomfortable for her. You didn't mention your girth, so it's possible that this extender might be a jump up in width that creates a stretching sensation for her and that can be uncomfortable for some of us. I'm not particularly fond of that feeling myself unless I'm incredibly aroused and practically dripping in lube.

The only way to know for sure is to ask her again. I'd ask away from the bedroom and not in a sexual setting. Let her know that she can be honest about how she feels, whether it's good or bad news.

I have asked her since and she's said the same thing but feel like she's holding bk we have a great sex life anyway was just looking for something different to try. As stated she was into it she came more than once.

Thanks for the reply natandtom will maybe try and bring it up while watching something in the evening on a long drive we are going away in couple of weeks

Best thing for every situation is communication, she may have put on a bit of a show for you to enjoy, or she may have liked it but it was a bit too large so maybe she prefers everything to. E natural.

Unfortunately it's all guess work for anyone in this sort of scenario, so just ask what she meant and if it wasn't for her then possibly look at smaller sleeves or just take pride in the fact she likes your member without any extras.
Hope you get to the bottom of it all