Penis sleeves????

Can anyone recommend a penis sleeve?

We have the fantasy x tensions 3inch mega......atm its the best we have ever had. Has anyone used it? Is there better?

I think there is a 5" extender. X

Ive only ever used these two penis extenders before. They are a good item that adds extra length and provides stimulation.

They also come in a nude colour.

I have it feels great on. My OH loves the feel of it inside her also. However it has torn her once when we used it, so make sure your partner is ready for the extra width they give.
I am wanting to buy this one soon.

The fantasy x 3inch mega one is a great toy, She absolutly loves it, Prefer the real feel ones to the silicon sleeves, The size of it is perfect, Only downside is the internal like it to be at least 7inch internal with a ball strap for better fit......or oversized so it can be cut down to fit. We have tried so many others but none of them even come close to this one.

Really enjoy using the Mega Mighty and watch information the wide squirm. It's also very bendable which is handy when putting it on as you can turn it inside out and roll it down with lube.

We did get 5 extra inch one but not only was it difficult to get on it was quite big and she only managed to get the same amount in as the mega mightym