Period sex/fetish

Evening ladies and gents,

Looking for a little insight and advice. My new partner has a thing for period sex. Which for me is quite a new thing. Ive had partners who didn't mind it but it wasn't a turn on. This man however finds it a huge turn on. Including being able to feel a sanitary towel through my knickers. I must admit at first ive kind of been quite shy about this. The sex is one thing but wanting to touch and engage in foreplay (apart from oral) is all very new.

Can any of you share your experiences with this or any of the gents any insight into this please????

I'll be completely honest I love having sex when it's totm! It's extremely sexy and for me very arousing.

One of the sexiest experiences I had was when an ex got really horny on her period and we has to do it there and then. I remember pulling her tampon out with my teeth and that was incredible. Probably not everyone's idea of sexy but it certainly improved our sex life.

We used to have period sex every few months as there were times when she just wanted as she said "a normal period". We used loads of dark towels on the bed to prevent leakage so to speak. I think given time she actually enjoyed it too.

Re the sanitary towel thing again I completely understand. In my head it's that intimacy that really turns me on. I used to masturbate using the sanitary towels that my ex had used, which was again a turn on for me. I've got a fantasy 're sanitary towels that I've never been able to fulfil yet but there's still time (I hope)

I think what I'm saying basically is if it turns him on and you aren't freaked out by it go for it. Horses for courses springs to mind.

Good luck 😊

This brought to mind an encounter a few years ago. The lady concerned was on her period so we were just concentrating on doing other things than intercourse. But she got so turned on that she asked me to remove her tampon so I could enter her and I must admit that I was really turned on as I did that and the sex was great afterwards. My present partner and I do have occasional period sex but I don't particularly have a fetish about it and usually wear a condom. So, I'd just say if you're happy to go along with it, fine.

Sex is about compromise, first you need to know what your comfortable with and what your willing to do. It's great to experiment and try new things but it's also easy to get caught up in a relationship and forget that we have a say in what we enjoy etc.

Period sex can be very hit and miss for a lot of people, I know men who love it and some who happily go a week or so without anything just because they can't handle it. For me it's just a natural thing that happens and we shouldn't feel shy or ashamed in regards to it, we're all adults and these are just things you do ha. Me and my partner never stop even during her totm, all she requests is she showers and freshens up before and we usually put a towel down. One of our main reasons is it seems to really relax her muscles and make everything feel tons better down below. As long as your comfortable with doing things then go for it, no harm can be done and it's always best to just make sure you put a towel down or keep one close. It's all fun but getting over the mental block side can be the Challenge, just try and relax and do whatever makes you feel better such as a quick shower or something before, even though it's not dirty to have a period I just know it calms my missus down and stops her from worrying about things.

We were too horny on my wife's last cycle and had to go for it. Not a fetish for us, just wiped up afterwards and carried on with life.

Lucky I'm not as squeamish as she is.

My wife often says why is she horny on her period? Disposable baby changing mats are great for protecting the bed sheets and large we use then when we're fisting.

My ex went down on me once while I was on my period. We both enjoyed it. I just think he loves all things kinky and this was kinky for him.

Personally not for me have tried with various partners on different flows heavy and light not so bad when on light but I dont like it when heavy as the different lubrication feeling is uncomfortable for me it just rubs all wrong I also have misonophonia so I can't stand stand the feel or sound but I have found most of my partners have never real been bothered by the blood as long as there's an available shower afterwards and I would recommend what I did which was have a towel under you so sheets don't get stained and have fun its harmless.

Although due to cervix position can be uncomdfortbale for some women like myself.

My girlfriend was a bit uncertain about the idea at first but we do has sex while she's on her period - she's not comfortable with me going down on her though, which is a shame because ordinarily we love that, but I do understand where she's coming from!

Thank you everyone for your advice.

Especially mind_the_gap. Sounds like you and my OH have similar thoughts about this. It was very insightful and very detailed. Any further info you can share would be great as im not squimish and would like to spoil him as obviously its a huge turn on for him.

I am always ridiculously horny when I'm on my period, never had sex during totm though. My partner is super squeamish unfortunately. Can definitely see how it would be different experience being more relaxed.