Personal Video Shoot - Recommendations

Anybdy had a personal video shoot done ? - I don't mean self made (we've all done that ! - wobbly camera and unflaterring angles !) - i mean having their own adult video made professionally in the home or hotel or other venue ?

Don't want to just ask online on an adult forum for voulunteers as can imagine that would bring forward a fair few creepy folk out of woodwork, and don't really have friends that would feel comfortable with.

Googling produces some companies that will do it, but obvisouly their own web pages won't give an unbiased view. Looking for recommendations on how discrete, repesctful, professional they are etc, also on making sure the media is secure - don't want it leaked online.

North if England probably a good place to start but if further afield could make a weekend of if.

Not had anything like this before. Would be intrigued about the home made experience though

Would be interesting having someone else there to professionally shoot it, sort of like a porn star experience

Love the idea but not sure I can afford it aha