Personel Messages Link up

Fully aware that this could possibly be misused but could the IT people at OA set up a link so that members could send P/m's to each other if they wished ? My hubby uses this kind of message link on 2 of his football forum sites and has found it to be helpful...ok this is a "sex forum" but it's a fun one not a seedy one and if members had the means to opt IN or OUT then I'm sure all would be happy!

That seems like a great idea!

Noted lesley s! Its on the list for the OA revamp...

Think we should have a poll FOR/AGAINST on this topic,would it work, would it generate a bit of interest again or would it just lower the tone and attract pervs and trolls ?? What do YOU think and more importantly what does OA/LH think ????

id definately be FOR that idea!

Now that is a good idea!

I love that idead lesley, it would attract trolls i thing but we can handle them under sexed freaks :P
even more so now ur not so shy :P

Come on OA lets put it to a proper vote ...send me the royalities later....