Photo shoots

Went to a photo shoot the other week (my mate got it free, so we had all out hair and make up done and photos taken and it was well good fun) and I took along a set of lingerie, cos it was one of the options I'd ticked.

Was highly unimpressed when my request got totally ignored.

Anyway- question. Anyone ever done a proper proffessionall photoshoot, lingerie or naked? I'd love to do one while I've got the figure, so whats it like?

Mr Naughty says he's got a box brownie and a bare bulb on a stand and could whack off (fnar fnar) a couple of shots of you if you like!!

Alright, probably not, but you can't blame him for trying.

my friend was starting out as a photographer and needed to test the lighting etc out and it was to do boudoir shots - i stepped forward and offered to help. i absolutley loved it! had my make up done and got dress in my fave lingerie and did some posinf - was on a high for a week after! i would definatley recommend it and regret that i didnt do some naked shots!

i think as long as your are comfortable in what you wearing(or not as the case may be!!) then you will have lots of fun and the results after are something nice to hold onto!

I've been on both sides of the camera.

When I was a student I had a girlfiend who was on a photography course so she got some practice taking erotic photos of me. I loved every minute of it - makes you feel very sexy and uninhibited. I found myself getting pretty outrageous in front of the camera (egged on by her of course) She wanted to explore all sorts of stuff which was fine by me. Nude, semi nude, erotic, artistic. She also persuaded me to try out some Robert Mapplethorpe type poses for her. Google that if you want, but set your preferances to "uncensored". Anything she showed publicly she cropped to keep it anonymous. That side of it was also quite a secret thrill.

I'm quite keen on photography myself too, and I love doing nude / erotic studies. With girlfriends the sessons can be pretty fun, and generally send up with some steamy sex afterwards as it's arousing for both sides. When I agree to take pictures of anyone I'm not in a relationship with I have a strict no touching rule and treat it entirely professionally. I also make sure both parties sign an agreement based on what we've discussed beforehand, plus I prefer the model to bring a friend. That way you keep it business like and avoid any chances of accusations or misunderstandings. You have to be pretty careful.

I'd advise you to go for it crayola! You'll be glad you did in future, like you say "whilst you have the figure" It'll be something nice to look back on later and quite exciting for you now. Instead of paying, you might get them done free by finding a student on a photograaphy degree for example. Do a deal. They get the practice with a free model, you get the intelectual rights of the images plus a set of prints. They get a set of prints and the practical experience. Find a third year student, and one that's interested in life studies. And use the safeguards I mentioned.

Hope that helps.

Good advice. I never thought of students, but thinking about it my mates do (clothed) modling for free so theres no reason I couldn't find unclothed. Will explore lol.

Hope you find what you're after crayola - keep us posted!

I too once did a photo shoot with a close male friend at the time in my underwear, it was nerveracking at first but I really enjoyed it. My figure was pretty good back then, id love to firm up and do it again proffesionally, naked, so I can remember what I used to look like when I get old and saggy!!