Pick A Delivery Day Help

I'm going away soon and I'm thinking of buying my other half something for when I'm out of town, I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with picking their delivery day, EG: it turning up after the selected date, or even before the selected date? More importantly before though

Hi there. I've used the select a delivery date quite a few times and it's always turned up on the exact day selected. Even when I ordered a week before, it didn't turn up early so it's always been great in my experience.

Never had anything come early, but if it did it would be taken back to the Post Office as it'd need a signature. So it wouldn't be left on your doorstep if you were out of town, it'd be safe :)

Choose your delivery date is on the Special Delivery service, so the postal service do everything in their power to deliver before 1pm on the day you choose.

Additionally they need a signature on delivery for YOUR house only. It isn't allowed to be left or go to your neighbours- so if you are not in they will take it back to your post office only.