Piercings - taking them out

Would like some advice about taking intimate piercings out.

I have a few piercings below the belt (done 9 months ago) with captitive ball closed rings. They are quite small, I have no desire to increase the thinckness of the rings and they have never been out.

I will maybe need to go somewhere where they will have to be removed for a bit (say 12 hours), looked online and can only find stuff about changing rather than taking out and then later reinserting.

I'm considering getting some horseshoes just so I can practice changing the ring out and also to make it easier to take them out when I need to (as I remember how fiddly it was to get the captive ball in).

Any experiences of 1st time removals and putting back after would be gratefully received.

Hey Private_member

If you don't want to risk your peircings closing, I would defintiely recommend keeping something in them at all times. Some piercings can begin closing in as little as 3 hours. 

Is it the metal that's the issue? If so you can change the jewellery from metal to a PTFE retainer. Retainers keep the piercing open, but are usually transparent/very discreet. 

Without knowing exactly which intimate peircings you have it's tough to offer more specific advice.

BCR (Ball Closure Rings), as you say, are extremely fiddly without the right tools. For wear and removal at home, you can invest in the ring opening and closing pliers online (I have a set of each) or, as you say, try a curved barbell (horseshoe) or a straight barbell. 

If you would like a studio to remove the piercings for you, they can replace the jewellery with retainers, or they can simply remove them for you if that's what you'd prefer. 

Do you mind elaborating a little on the reasons for taking the jewellery out, and where about's you have pierced? 


Hi Jess,

Thanks for your comments, worried about the 3 hrs as I would need them out for more than that.

The piercings are through the sac, purely for aesthetic reasons but they would need to come out, I will google the PTFE retainers as I had not heard of those but not sure that will be enough.

Think I should be ok to take the rings out on my own (might have to buy some more if the balls decide to fly off but just want to keep the piercing open for afterwards.

Really surprised that I can't take them out for a bit :(


No prolbemo! 

Well the rate at which a piercing closes up is hard to judge. Everyone's bodies are different, and it depends on the piercing itself (location on body, how the piercing was performed, how good the piercing is) as well as how long you've had the piercing. Some piercings can close in a few hours, while others take days/weeks. 

If you don't want to risk them closing and having to have them re-pierced, it's best to wear some sort of jewellery continuously if you can. 

Yeah, definitely check out retainers - they come in other materials too - and see if they'll do the trick. 

The only other thing I could advise doing if a retainer isn't an option would be to take the jewellery out, but carry a piece of jewellery with you during those 12 hours or so.

Whenever you get the opportunity, (every 3-4 hours should do it) just slide the jewellery through each hole one at a time to open it and check the holes aren't getting tight. 

After the 12 hours is up, try to get your jewellery back through the piercings as soon as possible. 

Top tips for removal: Sit over a towel so that if you drop any small pieces not only will the towel catch them, but tiny balls are less likely to go rolling under the sofa etc.

If you can get a good enough grip, the easiest way to prevent "flying balls" (tehee) is to grip the ring either side of the ball, and pull away from the ball. The ball should just drop out (onto your towel!) 

Hope that helps a bit! Check out www.bodyjewelleryshop.com for good retainers and a great forum.  

Thanks for that, had come across bodyjewelleryshop when I googled PTFE after your 1st reply.

They also have stretching tools that I could use just to keep the piercings open.

Might treat myself to some other designs while I'm there.

Need to bit the bullet and just replace them first with something easier to remove and go from there.

My husband had to remove his PA for several week. It healed very slowly so he was fortunate enough to put his thinner original BCR in and build back up to his larger one.