Pleasuring yourself whilst OH is asleep?

My Wife told me she often pleasures herself next to me in bed whilst I am asleep I have never caught her doing this does any one else do this ?

I've done it a couple of times when the OH has left me high and dry but I don't make a habit out of it.

I can't help in this case, but there is a similar thread already, it's on the first page of the forum

That might help :)

Mr.Smith wrote:

My Wife told me she often pleasures herself next to me in bed whilst I am asleep I have never caught her doing this does any one else do this ?

I have done this :) not often but sometimes the mood just strikes me, particularly if I can't sleep.

I do it. Quite often I get horny after sex. The oh usually passes our after it, so I just have a fiddle to sort myself out. X

I have done this on a few occasions, usually for similar reasons mentioned by everyone else here who has commented. Either he was too tired to play that night and I was horny, or for some reason I did not feel like an orgasm during play and then he falls asleep and I realise I am actually horny. Sometimes it is because we have had a lovers tiff and I am in that "I aint talking to you" mood, but horny at the same time! lol

Almost always I tell him about it the next day, or "accidentally" leave some evidence around (Like the toy or the lube) so that he knows exactly what happened right next to him while he was asleep. Especially effective when we have not been talking lol. He hates to miss it, so he gets equal parts horny and frustrated and can't help ask me about it. Its cute! lol. I don't do it that often though. I prefer having my fun with his help.

I do this when i cant go to sleep if the wife wont give me a blow job as a matter of fact i will probally end up doing this forever we just dont hit it off anymore and thats hard to belive we use to get alonmg so good but after 13 yrs i guess its caught up with us so yeah i do and will keep on pleasureing myself nothing wrong with it

I do this some times...sometimes after sex if I'm still horney. Or if hubby isn't in the mood. He quite likes to hear about it :) He told me he did it once. I hated hearing about it lol. Fair enough if I'd turned him down, but he hasn't even tried. I told him he should wake me next time :) x

I'll do it sometimes when the wife's not in the mood or way too tired, I don't tell her though as i know she'd feel terribly guilty about it.

Ive done this the odd time....but he doesnt like it so I usually play every day when hes not he thinks its yuke.....:-(

she says no but I would love to wake to see her doing it! xxx

i have once i think but only because it was so early and i knew how tired he was, didn't want to wake him :)

i do this but often wakes him up from moanin and then he joins in so win win for me

I normally do this if I wake up before him.

I don't think there is anything wrong with this. Every so often one of you are going to be so tired after a hard day at work or whatever so there will be no action. Had a girlfriend who had to leave really early for work, so I woke up when she got out of bed - and at that time you usually wake up with an erection, so I just did it while she was in the shower. If I would have got up and after her into the shower she would have hit me. She wasn't a morning person...