Plus-(Plus-)Size men's clothing

From what I can tell, there is no men's clothing over 42-inch in size. Us tubbies like to look good, too! I understand that many men my size don't like to dress up in the bedroom, but I'm 46-inch and I was looking for something to surprise my wife with, alas, nada.

It's one of those double standards that really frustrates me! gorgeous curvy ladies can have sexy lingerie in almost any size - but us curvy rotund and robust men are forgotten :(

I can only assume that there just isn't enough demand for that sort of thing. Or the manufacturers refuse to acknowledge that us larger chaps want to feel a little bit special, and that there are
Plenty of folk who love their guys large and in charge...

DavidB1986 wrote:

there are

Plenty of folk who love their guys large and in charge...

Heck yeah, and I am one of them! I'd love to see more larger men in sexy undies!

Hey guys!

Thanks for your feedback - you're right! Although without talking to the Buyer's, I wouldn't be able to shed any light as to why we don't stock larger sizes for men.

I'll flag this up when I'm back in the office, but in the mean time if you add your suggestion to the PANDER TO ME thread it will be looked at by the Buyers :)

Ah, good idea Jess. I should know better.

I 've posted in that thread now, thanks!

Hi i ve tried miss descreet online they do some nice satin & silk full bum knickers as well as sheer french knickers nighties etc etc im a 46" waist n 56" chest