Plus size lingerie advice needed please x

Hi ladies I need a little advice please.

My hubby is going to buy me some sexy lingerie/chemise/babydoll/corsets and stockings/suspenders.

I am a plus size girl size 22/24 with 40EE boobs. I would just like some advice on which items are the best to buy that are true to size etc.... There's a lot of different styles dress ups I like from what ive named above. If any of you ladies out there have bought any of the items above that are around the same size could you please recommend some to me 😊

I don't want him to buy me something sexy and for it not to fit & I disappoint him.

Thanks in advance guys x

Hiya I'm a 22/24 and I have lots of lovely lingerie from LH. The size guides under the product description are very helpful but generally 3X-4X is a size 22-24, sometimes 26.
Their own brand Adore me chemises and basques are wonderful and a very flattering fit. Dreamgirl are very well sized, the Baci knickers are super sexy and comfy and the Little Miss Naughty suspenders are actually a bit big on me! I've found seven till midnight are on the smaller side but still accurate to size. In fact everything I've bought has fitted, to my huge surprise.
I also have big boobs, 40 H at the moment as I'm breastfeeding, and the support isn't amazing but as I only wear things round the house it doesn't matter to me.
LH have an awesome returns policy too so go for it!

Thankyou very much glamrockchick that's very helpful!! I'm so excited and looking forward to him treating me to some sexy lil items.

I've never dressed up in something so sexy before as I was very insecure and embarrassed by my size. But these last couple of months I have become more confident and feel sexy, we've been together over 8 years and married 7 and I've only just started feeling comfortable letting my hubby see my naked lol.

He's always loved me and said he loves me just the way I am & that I'm beautiful so now I'm making more of a effort to look and feel sexy for him and for myself of course.

Who said plus size girls can't be sexy.... Pfffft loll. Thanks again for your advice much appreciated x

I have the stretch lace princess cut sexy chemise in red. I've curves and 36HH twins and I can honestly say this item is divine, it's well made, comfy and sexy. It flatters my lumps and bumps but the materials still sheer enough for the WOW factor I'm sure your OH will love. I've various crotchless knickers which tbh you could wear everyday. I'd say order what you think you'll feel good in if it arrives and you don't like it well it can be returned. Hope this helps

Thankyou pussygalore x

The oh la la cheri crotchless pearl thong is amazing and hits all the right spots, too! My hubby almost dislocated his eyes the first time I wore it. Also gorgeous is the dreamgirl plus size school girl outfit. I was super lucky and got sent it to review.
Hope you have a gorgeous sexy time!

I have been looking at getting those ooh la la crotchless panties and was hoping I'd run into someone who's tried them. I absolutely adore dressing up, but I find a lot of outfits are more sheer than flattering...or maybe I'm just too picky? Either way, girl go for it! You'll be amazed how wonderful it feels to dress up! :) ps. I'm also a size 22/24 2x/3x. I've been eyeing several items here on LH but my gosh if they were only £10-15 cheaper I'd buy so much more!

The seven til midnight range is great sizing, I always buy their 3x/4x lingerie and Lovehoneys own brand chemises are great too, as well as their stockings x

Hi! I love the seven to midnight range and Dreamgirl's stuff is also fab. Have a read at the reviews some of the chemise's that have underwire don't have much room (the underwear is for smaller boobs) for more chesty ladies. I'm an 18/20 and go for a 1x/2x and I have smaller boobs than some of the ladies that have already commented and I sometimes have issues with the fit boob wise. So check the reviews! If it doesn't quite fit then LH have a fab return policy so keep that in mind.

Great to hear your confidence is growing as I have just started wearing stuff like that myself and I love it. The money it's in I feel fab! You will love it too I'm sure.

Good luck!!