Plus size lingerie?

Yeah, we're totally glossing over the best place... LoveHoney!!!

Really sexy, proper lingerie on here. But it's not so great for the everyday stuff.

Oh, and Shelly's Love Life Update! I had to break up with the pilot because I got back with my ex, who is filthy, and has no problem delivering a cheek-stinging smack at unexpected moments... such as when I'm looking for my underwear down the side of the bed after sex, lol. Oh, and he did stop being an ass and apologies for his asshole behaviour. :)

The pilot is still yummy, however... you can all have a go if you'd like ;)

My daughter's (who's sizes seem to involve long lists of letters well down the alphabet) shop at Bravisimo - could be worth a look perhaps.

Oooh... Bravissimo is a good site! Thannks Gyrator :)


After long deliberation, the pilot is BACK and the ex is GONE. Because the pilot is LOVELY and the ex is a SHIT.

The matter is now closed. And if you hear me talking about getting back with my ex again you all have to slap me. Not in the fun way.

Honestly, men... can't get one for ages then they all come along at once. Phew!

Next project: Corrupting the pilot. He really is very, very vanilla.

LOL :)

Yyyyyyyyeah, I don't see that happening anytime soon. However, tonight: first forays into anal for the pilot! Well, if I get my way, that is :)