Plus Size Sale Prices

I noticed while browsing that the plus size versions of the lingerie styles are the same price as the non-plus size ones, which I think is great (what with some retailers being in the paper recently for charging more for their Curves ranges). However I also spotted that when lingerie is in a sale the prices of the plus size ones aren't necessarily discounted equally.

For instance, this Grey Treasure Me set is currently £31.49 (30% off)

While the plus size is still full price,

And even when both versions are in a sale they can have different sale prices too. Like these blue halterneck mini dresses,

And these aren't the only two examples. I just wondered if this was an oversight? Lovehoney seem really good when it comes to plus size stuff so this stood out a bit.

How does everyone else feel about this?

Sorry, the fourth link should be

I think it’s been commented before that sale stuff depends on how much stock they have and things like that :)

There are cases when the plus size get reduced and the smaller size doesn't too though.

That's good. I think if the plus size shoppers were always getting the more expensive side of the deal then it would be a shame.

I think it's more obvious as the plus size versions are separated out from the other sizes into their own listing so they can use photos with plus size models to better show them off, make them easier to find, etc (all good things). For instance, they wouldn't only discount a particular size within one listing. Like if they had a warehouse full of something in a size 14-16 they wouldn't only discount that particular size. Or at least not that I've seen.