I'm not about to start ranting about Theresa May but was wondering if there was a facility to private message other forum members if required?

I was talking on one topic that was closed down because it became too one on one with just one other member. I didn't disagree with this as obviously not everyone else wants to waste time on a conversation that has become more personal to just two people.

However I can't find any alternative without the facility to PM. I know there would need to be controls in place like the ability to block someone you don't want a private conversation with.

Apologies if this has been asked previously but couldn't find anything and even bigger apologies if this facility already exists?

It used to be a feature ages ago but was stopped because of problems. It seems to work better as an open forum.
It has been discussed loads. Check out by searching the forums.

It has been asked/raised a bunch of times - there used to be a private messaging function here but it was removed as some people misused it. It won't be returning.


You will find all you need to know about DMs here:

There is also this:

I will now close this thread due to duplication.