Poligamy Vs open relationships

so i know what both of these are in theory but how are they actually different as they both seem sort of similar.

this is an important question for me in deciding what im into exactly.

you see, a little while ago i realised i like a frirend more than i had previously wanted to admit but i still love my current partner of nearly 2 years just the same. my partner knows about all this and actualy loves this fact. i really like the idea of it being the three of us but am not really sure how this could work.

also, i have expressed to my partner how i want to be with him forever (well, as long into the future as i can see.) he says fine but only if he can test drive some other vajinas :) im willing to accept thisbut i still feel sort of jelous about him playing with other girls.

can anyone offer anyy clarification or advice.


rd xx

I dont really know the diffrence between the two either if im honest.

But i thought id let you know your not the only person in that type of situation :)

my GF is bi, and im happy for her to explore that side of her sexuality, as long as i know about it. I dont liek the idea of her being with another guy though, so i can see what u mean about being a bit jelouse.

I dont believe that there is one person for us all, i think that certain people are more suited for you than others. No body is perfect, so yeah you know you want to spend ur life with ur partner, but theres somthing he cant give you that someone else can. Therefore (in my eyes anyway) aslong as you are honest about it and neither party has an issue with it, you should be free to get what it is your missing out on.

That may not make any sence to you, but in my head it does :). il try explain it better if you dont get it xx

Poligamy is having multiple partners (more than two) in a marriage, while having an open relationship can fall under many different definitions, it does not necessarily have to have a marriage. It can mean having multiple partners, sexual or emotional. It can be play partners etc.

Polyamory is loving more than one person.

Here is some Wiki info, the God of knowledge, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyamory


I hope this gives you a better idea.

Regarding your own situation, I think talking to your partner about your feelings is critical to this being succesful. I hope it goes well for you. :-) Have fun ;-)

thanks@ WeeSteve that makes perfect sence to me. its dificult breaking out of the beliefs that society teaches you as right and wrong from a young age. Master didnt even mind when i told him that i recognise that he may not be able to give me everything i need so maby having both is good.

and thanks for trying to clarify KinkyClover, i should know the definitions from my sociology Alevel, they just dont really teach how it works practicly and sometimes ideas can be sort of ambiguous. so is an open relationship and poligamy sort of like the difference between cohabitation and marriage? is the only difference that one is where you are married but the other not.

i got the idea that poligamy is mabey a more stable type of relationship than an open one because its between the same say three people rather than two pluss ever changing extra partners. i wasnt sure though.

thanks ork. helpfull as ever :)

We have an open relationship and have sex with others of the same and opposite sex separately as well as swinging together. We're still very much in love though, and the extramarital sex is just for pleasure rather than emotional attraction. Although polyamory doesn't appeal to either of us, we know three polyamorous women who live together and they all seem very happy as a lesbian trio.

To me, the difference is with an open relationship you have SEX with other people, with polyamoury you have emotionally invested RELATIONSHIPS with other people, which may or may not include sex. Poly is much harder, and requires much greater communication because it can't have as clear cut rules as an open relationship. Obviously it's much harder to regulate feelings than behaviour.

For example I know polyamorous people whom have a loving and sexual relationship with their primary partner and a non sexual D/s relationship with another.

There are also different models of polyamoury, people who have one primary and several secondaries, people who have two or more primary relationships, people who have a perfect triangle or square where everyone is in a relationship with everyone else etc.

I would also like to point out that not everyone in a poly relationship is in an open relationship. Like if you have a perfect triangle where everyone is a primary partner to each other they may have a closed relationship between the three of them and no one may come in or out of the relationship without everyones agreement.