What is your favourite position when having sex

Doggy with partner on her knees and bum sticking up. Best way of hitting the g-spot with every thrust!

Sounds a bit old fashioned, but I like missionary as you get the best view!

Very much depends: quickie in the morning: missionary. putting on a butt or boob show: reverse/ normal cowgirl. wanting to be put in my place: doggy, and so on and so on.......

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Normal/reverse cowgirl guaranteed to give me an orgasm

I love standing up slightly bendbackwards on oh [REMOVED BY MODERATOR - TMI]

Definitely doggy - face down , arse up ;), gets me every time anyway ! And for that added ohhh - a bit of a spanking

Hi lovelylilbum yes a bit of spanking gets me going

Hey AWB1955 - I’m not really sure what it is that does it for me ! Perhaps it’s the surprise of it ;) ... a little hair pulling too can do the job .. xx

Hi lovelylilbum we seem to be on the same wave length love my nick being bit as well lol

just add you as a friend lovelylilbum

Most definitely have to agree with you !.. accepted sweet x

Doggy for sure, full view and some bum to smack. Do like abit of reverse / cowgirl, let her do what she wants.

Ronious - 100% I alao love the fact that the OH can take control of me ect ! And anything will be a surprise as you can’t see it coming x

There is no downside to doggy style, grab hold of her hips and just back that ass up lol, stand up doggy is a favourite to, bend her over the kitchen table.

Ronious - exactly you can’t go wrong with this position , and as mentioned by JohnA - hits the happy every time x

sounds good Ronious my other half loves playing with my breasts at the sa time

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