positions/tips for easing sciatica in the bedroom

I have had a good search around the boards and have even posted on a pregnancy forum but I refuse to believe there's nothing that will help!

Basically, Im seven months pregnant with God awful sciatica and dodgy hips. I can't lie on my back because it seizes up and is bad enough to make me scream out in agony, then start crying, bending over is also painful. Spooning is ok but bloody boring and crap for foreplay and being properly intimate.

We have already purchased a blow up wedge cushion and the doggy style strap in the hope that we can find something that works well but is there something else? It's only going to get worse as I get bigger and Im determined to make the most of a bad situation and be As experimental as we can be before a squeeky bundle of joy is thrown in to the equation....

Thank you! That's what we've bought! I just keep looking at it wondering what to do with it lol!

Hi I had bad hips when I was preggers so spooning and doggie was about it. What about sitting at the end of the bed and OH on his knees. I had something called SPD which is bad hips in pregnancy and I hate to tell you I still sometimes suffer now after 6 years I can't have my legs spread overly wide for too long as they seize up.