Post Office Click and Collect Delivery Option

I've recently moved to a flat where it is not really private enough to have the neighbours take Lovehoney deliveries on my behalf incase they shake the box, etc.

I would therefore prefer to have my parcel delivered to the Post Office using the click and collect option described here -->

I can use the service fine via Amazon for other online purchases but the option listed in the FAQ above isn't anywhere on the Lovehoney site when I go to the checkout. (unless I'm being a mammoth numpty.)

I'm ordering while logged into my account using PayPal and cannot for the life of me work out how to add a click and collect option to my order/addressbook.

I could just add my name under the local Post Office address but I'm hesitant to do so as this might not go through the proper 'click and collect' channels.

Does anybody use this service to order things? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. - StrawberryJam

When ordering and having the parcel delivered to a local post office you can't use PayPal as a method of payment. I think it is down to PayPal and there security of parcels that if there not being delivered to the address that is linked to the account then you can't use PayPal.

Ah cheers! That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up so swiftly!

Ah cheers! That makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up so swiftly!

No problem.


BondageGod is indeed correct, PayPal does not work with our local collect service unfortunately so make sure you pay via card for that option to pop up :-)

Additionally, Royal Mail Special Delivery will not work either as they need a sign on delivery from the addresee- the post office would just refuse it!