Potential allergy to condoms?

Right, I don't know if there's been a thread on this (I couldn't find one, but if anyone's seen one lurking, please send it over), but I wanted to ask about condoms.

With my ex-OH, we very rarely bothered using condoms, and my current partner and I haven't bothered with them at all (he's my best friend, I know he's clean, I know I'm clean, so there was never any need). However, I had sex the other night with a guy, and we obviously used a condom, and for a couple of days after I had a horrible burny sensation in my vagina and the surrounding area.

Now, I remember having the same thing with my ex, and we tried latex-free condoms, but the burniness persisted. So I was just wondering what it could possibly be? I looked online and apparently Durex don't use spermicides on their condoms, but I've used conventional bottled Durex lube without any ill effects.

Does anyone have any ideas? It'd just be nice to know for future reference, and hopefully avoid it.

I have allergy to stuff like silicone and can get burny feelings after prolonged use of condoms or toys made with certain materials. Also the irritation can mean you don't produce as much natural lubrication and you might have to top up. I don't really like durex and they have a plasticy taste, I tries mates skyns on someones recommendation here for them being a better fit and coincidentally found them less irritating and taste/smell more pleasant.

Right, Skyns... *Writes down for future reference*

I absolutely hate condoms, but thought it might be prudent to use them on that occasion

Thank you, lilac! x