Pre-Menstrual / Menopausal Period Pain and Relief?

I wanted to share some findings that have been a bit of a game changer for Mrs. Val and I as we reach our mid to late 40’s.

Mrs. Val has always suffered from pre-menstrual pain and cramping, binge eating and being a bit of a Beotch for lack of a better explanation when the time of the month arrives. As she has reached “hot-flash” stage in becoming pre-menopausal, this has become crazy bad over the last 6 months to the point of some violence and unreasonable anger/frustration to both me and the kids.

Although we have had some fights over “nothing”, it seemed strange that she escalated so quickly and sharply during certain times of the month, usually, like clockwork, it was the same time each month. This really started to affect our home life, the relationship she was having with the kids and her and my sex life has been non-existent. We have been married for 24 years and I would consider her my best friend as we have moved through thick and thin, kids, pets, family issues on both sides, Covid, moving, jobs, finances, sexual incompatibility, compatibility - all of it.

After one fairly memorable scrap where she started throwing things in the kitchen at me as I searched for some utensils to make a snack for us, she quickly retreated in tears. I actually found it fairly amusing and wasn’t hurt or mad, but it made her very upset that she over-reacted and showed a violent side that truly wasn’t “her”. We had a long conversation and she was able to get into see a Naturopath who was also a specialist in hormonal imbalance without chemical hormone therapy. She was able to change her diet and introduce “greens” that has made a world of difference.

I’m not selling them or anything but I have been amazed at her 175 degree attitude change in every aspect of our lives. The diet consists of a powered greens mix for a smoothie, additional fruits and loads of leafy vegetables. There are other things like sleep, exercise and surprisingly, the doc added “more sex” to her “diet”. She has cut out alcohol, especially red wine, and has asked her to take more zinc and vitamin D to help balance things naturally.

I’m not saying this works for everyone, but whatever the hell is in the “greens” smoothie powder, it is working. Sexually, she initiates sex almost every 3-4 days which would happen maybe 1 every 2 months previously. She has little to no cramping, no massive mood swings and her period “sneaks” up on her like some 18 year old girl who had no clue it was coming (we could all see it coming about 2 weeks ahead of time previously)

I guess I am wondering if this is unique or if anyone else has had success with their OH or themselves at this stage of life. It was getting to the point of a sexless marriage with resentment and
anger that was seemingly stemming from nothing.

And she has an insatiable desire for oral sex, both giving and receiving! She lets me take her to orgasm by sucking on her clit and nipple play that she would push me away previously. And once relaxed from a toe-curling O, she is quick to take me there with a BJ that is truly sincere. Better yet, she wants sex with the lights on, wants to watch me masturbate, and won’t let me blow my load into a towel or a tissue, she wants it either on her or in her…

Sorry for the long read, but this is seriously a huge turn around in the last 6 months or so. I think I need to send her Naturopath a box of chocolates or something to thank her for getting her back on track naturally and for helping us through a pretty rough patch.

Happy to hear success stories of yours, but thought I would share mine. Oh, and I just got a hand-bra selfie from her as a tease for tonight. Seriously can count on 3 fingers how many times this has happened in 25 years…!

Happy Monday…


When Aunt Flo’s visit is near, I’m still happy to have sex. And during my period, I continue to have sex because it feels good even though it is messy. I’ve found that orgasm reduces cramps and pain just like a medicine.

I’ll add that part of sex during that time is a focus on cleaning. Sometimes I’ll lay in my GF’s lap and she’ll put a couple of fingers in me while pulling outward. It kind of encourages the flow and removes anything

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Wow this sounds like a fantastic and insightful read, thank you for sharing this and I’m sure it’s gonna help many members on here at some point :raised_hands:

Even though there’s more info about menopause now than there ever was, it still is a big mystery on what treatments and things to try that are effective benefits without being drastic kinds of medication!

I know with my mum it’s been really challenging over the years at points with her aggressive behaviour and other symptoms which have put massive friction on family dynamics.