sub or dom ?

Like for yourself to be or your play partner?

what you prefer ! being dominant or dominated ....

I'd love to be dominated.

same ...and have been too , nothing like giving your body up to someone to do what they like with long as there's an understanding that is !

I'm more dominant, love it :)

Love being a sub with restraints but v happy to switch as I also love to use crop and boss about. We usually take turns starting wuth oh sub and then me so he can do as please ;)

Switch - life is all about variety!

blind folds and cuffs for me , face down , cuffed to all four corners of the bed , wax , spanking , teasing and whatever else feels right goes for me !

I definitely dominate ;)

I'd prefer to be dominated.

I'm a Dom and my OH is a sub. Ever since we met, we've been going further towards a fu─║ly D/s relationship. It's a really exciting journey for the both of us.

I couldn't dominate, definitely like to be submissive.

Just someone thats willing would be a great start for me.

I'm a complete submissive. I wouldn't have any idea how to dominate, but it's ok because I don't think my OH would tolerate being dominated at all - he'd just have to put me in my place. I just generally have a very submissive personality, so I'm like it outside of the bedroom too. Luckily my partner is happy for me to be a sub all the time.

I like a bit of both. Love being pegged an pissed on but also love to spank my OH an bend her over an fuck her.

I love being dom'd. Cuffed, spanked, face sitting. Also love to cuff the other half and spank and tease her with fave toys etc.