Pregnant wife.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this product when pregnant.

Thought it would be good as open front.

Hi I'm not a mother nor have I ever been pregnant but yes I think it would be great if you wife wants to show odd her bump. What about this a bit of colour? If she wants to cover her bump look for babydoll that open at the back to allow space for her bump.

Thanks fun Louise. I also looked at that one a shame its OOS 😞😞

That's the kind of thing I used to wear during pregnancy, there's no stressing at not being able to get the right size to fit boobs and bump because it's open, and they always look gorgeous on.

Thanks for your reply violetwolf

Aw that looks stunning. If I wasn't so massive when pregnant or crabbit I would have loved that. If she's into lingerie still then go for it!

I haven't but it would look gorgeous on someone pregnant 👌🏻 x

Feel sorry Dear,

In my pregnant days, I didn't get to be used or used anything except my hubby in person with movies. I don't want to complicate my baby's condition anyhow, some there are still doing the usual they use during their normal days.

Hope they can share you there experiences if it is safe for the baby's condition.

Anyway, CONGRATULATION to both of you and your hubby.