Premature Ejaculation sufferers and the efficacy of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) prescribed medications

Are there any Forum members out there who have experienced (or continue to experience) the effects of long-term Premature Ejaculation who take medicines prescribed for Erectile Dysfunction (ED) such as Sildenafil (sold as Viagra) Cialis, Levitra etc?

If so, are these medications, prescribed for ED, effective in keeping an otherwise flaccid penis erect post ejaculation?

Are you able to continue penetrative sex beyond premature ejaculation due to the effects of ED medicines that would otherwise be absent?

I am particularly interested to learn whether these prescribed medicines have helped those affected by Premature Ejaculation in maintaining an erection once ejaculation has occurred thereby prolonging penetrative sex.

Thank you in advance for any help in this regard.


I’m 77 and have tried ED pills a few times. I can always get it up but was curious whether my pecker would get harder, longer, stay up after an orgasm, and be ready sooner for seconds.
Regards size my GF doesn’t notice a difference and she should know because she always goes down on me so has a front row seat. I don’t think it is the size it used to be but she says it is just fine.
I can’t say the pills cause me to stay up after an orgasm. Regards getting up again my GF is pretty good at getting me going again with or without the pill.
Worth mentioning is that my urologist told me that getting an erection has nothing to do with orgasming. At 77 my orgasms aren’t what they used to be and the ED pill won’t change this.
Regards orgasms sooner than you would like, first I would avoid acts that are more exciting. I can last a long time getting a BJ but when she goes for my ass with her finger or a butt plug I’m a goner.
If you don’t last long doing just regular in and out with no frills I’m pretty sure an ED pill won’t change this. Besides her stimulating your butt there’s other things like her having strong pussy muscles. I used to tell one partner don’t squeeze like that unless you want me done.
When I was young and would cum at the drop of a hat they’d say think about something else. Can’t say this ever worked for me.
What did work was lasting a lot longer the second time around. If this is true for you then maybe the pill might work to get going a second time as long as she’s not too disappointed the first time will be quick. That said if you go down sooner than she’d like, you can always satisfy her with a dildo or going down on her.
I had a wife who would get mad at me for coming too soon so I appreciate the issue. One solution was simply fucking a lot. Or, even masturbating before so the first time with her is really the second.
Another idea is to just keep going even if you get soft as long as it stays in and now add the frills to get you back up. Don’t know what excites you - her finger in your butt, yours in her butt, niipples, etc. Putting your finger in her butt so you can feel the head of your pecker in her pussy ought to get you going again.
I’d say try the pill for a quicker second time around but I don’t think it will delay your first orgasm.
BTW, the pills are a whole lot cheaper using GOODRX.
Good luck

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My partner takes medication for ED. We’re only in our 30s but he couldn’t get a erection with out the tablets. I’m really unsure how they effect how long he can last because we have never had sex with out them, having said that he does last a while. Roughly 15 minutes of intercourse every time, sometimes longer and that could be due to the medication. However once he has ejactulated then the penis goes soft and doesn’t stay hard and it takes hours for him to ejactulate again if at all on the same day.


Few more thoughts
Don’t mean to over do this but I very much sympathize with your dilemma.
First time around use your least exciting position. If she has a nice asshole don’t do doggy style where you have a nice view. If you like her boobs don’t do her on top where they are in your face. For some reason I can last a longer time with me standing at the side of the bed with her sideways on the bed on her back with her legs spread and in the air.
Using plenty of lube reduces the friction.
My ED pills are 20mg. Going higher might make a difference. I haven’t used more than one because I’m fearful of the potential side effect of a headache. So far so good so I might try 2 - 40mg. I think 50 is the limit.
BTW, the reason for introducing other stimulation after your first orgasm is because stimulation is what triggers ED pills to work. Like were you to take one with nothing sexual happening you wouldn’t just get a woody.
Again, good luck.

Suffer from ED, unable to take Viagra etc due to heart problems in the past. PIV not achieved now unfortunately. I am unable to offer any advice,

I haven’t really seen ED stuff being offered for PE issues and going through a spell of ED with the ex, I can’t say it impacted longevity.

If you speak to a GP I think they occasionally offer either numbing creams or SSRIs

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Is that 15 minutes including foreplay or 15 minutes of in and out? If the latter you must buy lube by the gallon.
Of course because your partner can go so long I doubt he or you are disappointed. Exact opposite of PE.
I am surprised about the time for him to get up again. But there’s a difference because he really needs the pill as opposed to just as enhancement. Have you asked one the pill makers about this?
I assume you know all his hot buttons.
Sorry he needs to use the pill but thankfully for science they are available.

I use Sildanafil sometimes. It always enables me to get an erection which lasts until I orgasm. I then go flacid for a while but can become erect again later.

No that’s not including forplay. He can get another erection shortly after but he can’t ejaclate for a while, most of the time not even in the same day.
So that could be the pill but really unsure.
Yes it’s not ideal and does cost us a lot but he has been to the doctors and their really not interested in helping.

As mentioned above my urologist told me erections and orgasms are entirely different. At my age orgasms are nothing like they used to be but my urologist was more than willing to discuss it. Maybe your partner needs to shop around for a better doc.
Orgasms are strange things. I think a lot is mental but physical is still a big part. Also I think “forbidden fruit” has a mental/physical impact on getting off. That said, after a while “kinky” things become ordinary. You seem somewhat formal so apologies ahead if this is a little out of line, but is your partner turned on by his butt? When my partner messed with my butt it’s usually game over real soon. Another is my finger in her butt where I can feel the head of my pecker inside her vagina. However I suspect there are many things you’ve tried to help him along.
Regards the cost I mentioned above GOODRX.

Hi @Deanna32 I found your post very interesting, you mentioned the cost as the doctor not interested in helping. Is it the doctor won’t prescribe due to other reasons or are your pills/ solutions not like viagra? I am really interested as due to heart attack some years ago, doctor will not prescribe anything to me but I am desperate to get an erection.

The doctor did prescribe my partner Sildenafil but would only give him 4 pills at a time. It became to much hassle to keep going back to the doctors. We have now gone down a different route at getting sildenafil tablets which I won’t discuss on here for obvious reasons and I wouldn’t encourage anyone else to go down that route.
I would go back to the doctors and see what alternative medication they could possibly offer you.
There are a lot of natural remedies out there aswell but before trying anything speak with your doctor. A heart condition is not to be messed with.

Thanks for the advice, you are right I do need to go back. I have raised it twice with doctor (GP) and once with my consultant at the hospital but they just pass on it. Mentally I feel incomplete in not achieving an erection so it is effecting my health. You might just have given me the push to try with the GP again. Thank you

I would really push that onto them. The doctors seems to notice more when it concerns mental health.

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