present for my boyfriend?

I have been buying myself a lot of toys recently and wanted to get something for my boyrfiend to try and even out the toy collection, he isn't a fan of personal mastibators so any help?

Is he in to Anal? Bondage? What about role play? Depends what he's in to really xx

Treat yourself to some new sexy underwear - win win situation!

he is pretty much open, not that into role play though

Hi Laana, do you think he'd like the male masturbators more if you used one on him? Perhaps the Tracey Cox Supersex Stroker or a TENGA egg could be a good way to start. You could always go with a beginner butt plug or a vibrating cock ring that he can use alone or with you.

As for outfits, the French Maid seems to be very popular!

It kinda ruins the surprise element but how about getting him to make a wishlist then choosing him something from that? Then you'll know you're getting him something he likes

To make it more "gifty" and exciting you could try introducting him to Love Honey in a sexy way - like writing the web address on your boobs (or somewhere naughtier!) and sending him a cheeky picture!


Last year I put together a box of naughty gifts for my partners birthday.

I put a game
Cock ring
Male toy
A vibe
Rude food
And a massage lotion I think.

He seemed to really enjoy the gift as it had things we could use together and things he could use on his own.


perhaps some flavoured lube and you could lick his anus?

I would suggest a vibrating cock ring. That way you can both have fun with it x

Just posted a review myself of the new TC cock ring....not a bad buy!

ooh HS you cant say that....there is so much sexual goodness out there for blokes.!

headsouth wrote:

DrtyBoy wrote:

ooh HS you cant say that....there is so much sexual goodness out there for blokes.!

Absolutely! I've just not found it floppy stretchy rings and squishy eggs.

My oh didn't like the Tenga eggs but does love his fleshlight STU!

superstroker is the way forward (i know you said he may not like it - but give it a chance!)

I got asked this yesterday, I personally thought the Head Honcho was a good idea if it's open ended. A masturbator for use with oral might interest him more.

i was having a chat with a LH member about this very topic, that she wanted to give head whilst stroking using hte HH.....sounds lovely.

Teeheehee, I indeed asked DB and W about this yesterday and today, and after discussing it with them I did indeed settle on the HH because, as the review says, you can give head while is being used!

did you buy it >? let us know how it goes

the head honcho isnt open ended :-/ atleast the ones my OH have had havent.



According to that one it can be used while giving a blowjob

oh thats a differant one to my OHs, his is just the normal head honcho :-) and if that one you got is the improvmeant to the one my OH got his going to be in ectasy as my OH says the honcho is the best toy his ever used, and his got a fleshlight, tenga eggs the tracey cox one and a few others!