What toys or sexy cloths did you get for Christmas
Crotchless knickers stocking and a new vibrator


I didn’t get anything for myself, but had squirreled away a fair few items of sexy lingerie and other stuff from here over the last few months to fill a sexy stocking!


Lingerie, Red and Fur-lined. Unfortunately forgot matching panties :wink:


Nothing as yet, hopefully sale will start soon, gonna treat myself to a couple of personal treats

Sale is already on :blush:


8 Inch lifelike lover vibrating dildo, big bottle of lube, heart shaped riding crop and nipple tassels which I can spin.


I got her a new 7” lifelike dildo not sold here though :flushed: and a book of erotic stories similar to the ones that used to be in scarlet magazine. She loves both

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One of my partners got me a Doxy wand, the Fierce Black Leather-Look skirt and knickers and attachments for the wand. A play partner got me the Bodywand wand.

Sadly I can’t find my adapter (I live in Sweden) so I’ve ordered one and have to wait a few days before I can use my wands! :disappointed_relieved:

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I got an inflatable butt plug which is amazing!

And this project!

got my wife these

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No naughty fun gifts this time. :weary:

Nothing for me but OH says she bought a few things from LH. So sneaky. Now it’s a waiting game til she surprises me some night.

OH received a Soraya 2 , response was a little lukewarm as “ have enough toys now” a little disappointed to say the least. Also had the Sex marks the spot game which we tried .

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We have each other

Sex dice

I bought my OH a sex swing, yet to use so hopefully we both enjoy it! Not used one before so fingers crossed, so many possibilities

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Haven’t bought anything in ages but tempted buy some sale lingerie. Just need to decide, I’m terrible for filling my basket then changing my mind.