Prison Stocks!

I have a fantasy which I would like to make come true... I fancy being locked in prison stocks and then having guys or girls use and abuse me for a couple of hours.. I would like one to know do any of you guys and gals fantasize about this... two have you been in this situation... three do you know of any clubs or locations which hold this in the UK or Czech republic?

I'd never thought about it until I saw a photo on Flickr where a girl was trapped in stocks by her head, arms and legs, with a the good bits pointed outwards for use.

She was oiled up and probably very full...

Made me want to take a ticket! 😉

Not stocks specifically. My wife and I have a fantasy where we go to a swingers club for the first time and don't know about their initiation ritual for newbies. And we get passed around and played with by everyone in the club. Sometimes near each other in the room, sometimes totally seperated. No safe words and no is not an option.

Also another which is similar to your stocks one. Where my wife organises a house party and just before everyone arrives lays me on my back over a little coffee table with my wrists and ankles tied to the legs of the table for the use of the guests..........all night ..........any of the guests..........

But now you've mentioned stocks. Wow. Yes.

Damn. wish I could find that pic again! lol

1. No

2. No

3. No

Sounds amazing to be honest