Problem with bare back Anal?

My girlfriend loves my cock in her arse. I love how it feels, and more than that, the wonderful deep gutteral sounds of satisfaction she makes whilst I'm fucking her. But, she don't like latex. That is to say, she doesn't like the feel. I hadn't done much Anal myself (only once before, protected) and on the second occasion with her I developed a rather nasty infection causing one of my balls to swell up quite alarmingly.

I naturally connected the two things together, attributing my unfortunate Casualty visit to the bare back arse pounding I had given her a week or two earlier.

She is rather disappointed at my reluctance at risking my nads again, and furthermore doubts that bare back Anal had anything to do with it. I tried with a condom but it didn't really do it for her, and I do so like doing it for her.

What say you?

Has she been tested for any STIs? If not, tell her to go get tested, otherwise there will be no chance of any bare back anal fun with you.

i would have to agree with miss nomer on this, because me and my man do bare anal qall the time and he never got an infection!
When you saw the doctor for your infection did the doctor say what type it was?
Maybe it was already luking around before you had anal.

from the sound,s of it ,she should be gratefull you still have you balls intact,if she love,s your cock up her arse ,then why not use a vibrator ,that way she should still be happy and still have two balls to play with,and if i was you ,i would be happy to have my balls,just image ,if it was the penis that was to swell up,would you really want that,if i was you i would suggest using a vibrator,because when it come,s to your bit,s and piece,s,that,s every man,s pride and joy,just image ,if you couldn,t use it any more,how would you feel.

My thoughts exactly! I take dildo all the time but also my man does go naked man hood too in there we have never had a problem.
Something aint right if you get an infection.

thier is one way to solve this problem , for both of you,s to go to the doctor together and to find out what caused the infection,if not ,go and get tested,that way you both will get to know ,what caused the problem,i know if it was me ,i would have tried to find out straight away,and thier is no way i would shove my cock up any arse and till i knew what caused it,not that i got one,put it this way,if my fanny got infected and swelled up,i wouldn,t even attempt to go and have any sexual intercorse and till i knew what caused,it.even if they were dissapointed,have you asked her how she would feel if her arse was to swell up,would she still won,t you to shove your cock up thier,talk and most of all, sort out what caused your ball to swell up,good luck,i hope you get it sorted .

What about a good clean out with an enema first? Wouldn't that sort the hygiene issue? (I'm asking, it's not my area of expertise!)

a douche bag would do a simular job, and a lot less stress and way more privert.

Been shagging Mrs Tallboy up the arse for longer than l can remember and no ill effect if you discount the gangrenous bits that have dropped off over the years !!! only joking folks and sorry.

No i think tall has a point, its not weather or not u use a condom its about knowing ur partner, you should be able to feel safe enough to shag bare back anal if you want to with out fear ur gunna get something...and there are times when the mood grabs you and u dont got a jonny or at least not one close to hand...But also as i said before if she aint willing to get a test for whats lurking up her bottom and you caught something then I would just tell her to stuff her self with a dildo while u watched from a safe distance!!

Happy is right, but is missing one key point: while there is bacteria in the anus--always, even if you use an enema first--you should never experience anything like an infection so long as your skin is fully intact. It follows, right? Most of us do not put condoms or gloves on when we insert fingers, and yet most of us haven't ever had a hand swell up.

If, however, you had a cut on your penis--even a small one--it is possible to get a bacterial infection that way. So if you tend to have abrasions (which is possible if you tend towards rougher sex, "dry humping", or if you or your partner have a lot of pubic hair that could be abrading you), then you should wear a condom during anal.

But really, you need to talk to your doctor. If it was a bacterial infection caused by fecal matter--which they can tell you--then you'll know to check for cuts or openings first. Otherwise, you'll want to clear up whatever problem actually caused the infection in the first place and not fear the bareback. :)

Happy I love the SO THERE but hu8bby has bare dicked me in the ass loads and he has never ever had an infection from it, he has got thrush from my fanny though :S..... I agree with Mcbirdie if he had a small cut on his manhood it could cause an infection from the bacteria in the bum hole.

sorry i have to aggree with happy you can getr infections from any kind of sex at the end of the day its safer just to grab a condom if there is a slightest bit of doubt

Both parties need to be STD free- with anal sex there is a greater risk of catching something because it's very tender flesh back there and tears easily which can expose the bottom to their partner's semen and the top to their partner's blood.

Anal to Vag should never be practiced because she could get a nasty infection in her vagina... and vag to anal shouldn't be practiced either.

As far as bareback goes, make sure lots of lube is involved so there is less tearing. Also, have her use an enema before you have anal sex to clear away any debris. You don't want to get shit down in your dick hole and yes, it's happened to many couples before!

Anal sex seems to be getting complicaited on here, enema...what happened to just the simple douch bag??

Sleeping dreamer, i've never heard of anyone having a prob with vag - anal before.

I have I got thrush when we did that :S but for the fun I had before the thrush came out in full force was totally worth it :P

Phoenix- I've never heard issue with vag-anel either, unless theres a present STD anyway.

Have you tried sheer condoms? Mates do one that feels like he isn't wearing anything (jn my experience vaginally anyway) so those may be the best of both worlds for the pair of you.

My partner and I always use condoms for anal because then it makes it a lot easier to whip it off so he can continue in my pussy if he so desires. We have both been tested but I was always led to believe that it is better to use condoms for anal unless using toys. The problem I always have is where to put the toys that have been in your bum when your done so they don't get ass germs everywhere.

What about anal to oral?

Just to throw a spanner in the works...