Problems Asking...

My wife & I have always had a great sex life were 25 and 24 but things have slowed a little bit on their way back up somewhat.

It seems we both have problems asking or talking about what we truly want during our sessions. We're very kinky and into Lingerie, toys and bondage. For example I have a fetish of being tickled and she indulges it sometimes but I want a bit more but find it so hard to ask..

Likewise I always feel she is holding back on asking for what she fantasies or truly wants during sex.

Anybody have any advice on how to go about just asking without feeling embarrassed or nervous?

I must admit, I always felt very embarrassed discussing my fantasies with the ladies I dated, I rarely did.
I guess it depends on the relationship.
I hope that helps.

We had the same issue but thanks to this very forum we found a answer.
There is an online survey that you and your partner both fill in separately and then compare the answers but it will only show you what your matches are and not the other answers so you can be honest and not worry about what your oartner thinks about your fantasies.
Check it out
Hope you find common ground

I would say your issue is very common.

My wife and I rarely talk about sex or fantasies in any shape or form and have picked up on each others likes and dislikes basically by blundering about till we got something right.

I can offer no practical advice since we have the same problem and still haven't found a solution. All I would say is you will save a lot of time and frustration if you can both find a way to discuss what you both really want.

Hubby and I were the same until recently, one thing that has been helping is an ap called Kindu. It gives you ideas of things to do and you can say you love it, maybe or not a chance. You can also write your own cards and they are added to the next set of questions And then if she ticks maybe or love you will see it in your matches section etc. worth a try it’s a free ap with the option to buy more packs if hobby you liked.