Profile photo deleted

Do you why?
Is the a profile photo policy ?



Did it show nipples? Even if you are male, you must cover them up.

how long have you been a member? can’t put photos until been on a wee bit.

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Yes male nipples.
Kinda funny that butt cheeks are allow.

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You can just pop a star :star2: or similar over them and you’ll be fine.

You can put a profile pic up from day one, but the same rules apply regarding nipples and genitalia.

@Lolik butt cheeks are not counted as “adult material” by search engine criteria but female nipples are, therefore, as a business, Lovehoney can’t show female nipples on the site. This double standard made @Lovehoney_Brenna unhappy so on the forum (she doesn’t control the shopping site), until the rules change, all nipples are banned on principle. I’m sure @WillC is correct and this is why your profile picture was removed.

Interesting article from The Guardian from 5 days ago:


Hey @coleb6433 welcome to the forum :blush: I’ve noticed that your profile picture shows your nipples so may well get deleted - you might want to have a read of the above and change it :blush::+1:t2:

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