Profile photo help

I can't seem to upload a new photo. :(

I've tried resizing it, editing it, but nothing seems to work. It just keeps coming up with "there was a problem uploading your image".

Any tips on how to make a photo acceptable to be used as a profile image? I'd appreciate any help on the matter.

Hi Sam, it's a known glitch. Not going to be sorted anytime soon unfortunately.

Ah, okay. Thank you for letting me know :)

I was wondering if they had sorted this yet.

Unfortunately not but can understand that its not a priority at the moment. There is only so much resource available for fixings and testing things and there are more important things to spend it on than this bug. Little frustrating but understandable.

I suspect they will have more time to look into this and the review issue after Valentines :)

I'm not sure on the feasability of doing so, but wouldn't it be helpful if LH could on the upload page make a note available to any potential poster that this facility is currently unavailable...