Progression from Tracey Cox Supersex Toner Balls

Yet another question about jiggle balls.

I am not in the below 30 age group :( , however my pelvic floor muscles are strong :) and despite having been through 3 pregnancies my OH has remarked that I am still tight down below (sorry about tmi) which is due to only one of my deliveries having been a vaginal delivery.

Anyway, basically I have been using the Supersex toner balls sporadically but am lusting after (quite literally) the Lelo luna beads. I know it says that the Lelo luna mini and noir are for the "younger" and childless age group, but I really think (maybe hope) that I could handle the smaller heavier balls given the conditions both of my vagina and pelvic floor.

So basically, I was wondering if there is any one out there who has any advice on this. It's coming up to my 41st (gasps in horror) birthday and I think I'm due a nice little present. I just feel the tracey cox balls are now too large and not a challenge any more.

And I want something from the Lelo range...

Any comments/advice welcome


I am 42 and have bought smaller and heavier balls and use with no problem, so I'd say just choose some you like the look of and go for it :) these Noir Lelo Kegal Balls are heavier than the standard Lelo Kegal balls we sell :)

Fab - thanks for your replies. I really, really, really want the Lelo ones. Wanted them last year and settled for the Supersex toner. They have been fine but want something more challenging.

I have noticed a difference myself in my PF strength and think it's worth working it more, not only for reasons related to sexual enjoyment (although that is an added bonus :) ).

So I think I'll be indulging myself and treating myself to the Lelo noir as a birthday present.

Since my birthday is also the anniversary of when I met my OH I'm also out to get something sexy to wear. However, I've recently lost 2 and a half stone (delighted) but my boobs look like two deflated balloons (awful - so awful that for the first time ever I kept my bra on during a session the other night as they look like spaniel ears).

So I'll just toddle off to the lingerie forum and ask for suggestions there!

Thanks so much again folks.