Prostate massager.

Hi recently bought the one in the link below, wondering what people find the best position is for maximum pleasure. I've tried led on my back legs spread 😉 and once lubed up there's no problem inserting just not sure if I'm hitting the spot. Any help would be great thanks.

if your cock starts moving on its own when your soft youve hit the spot i have ED so im always soft. i have never had a orgasam just lots of pre cum some guys say the shoot not me. i found my g spot buy using my thumb its not very far up there. if your better half would use her fingers it might feel good for get in doggie style then she can play with your cock my wifes fingers are to short good luck have fun

I always get the best results on my stomach grinding my hips. Arms wrapped around a pillow and all that. I can't sit still enough to just do the old fashioned on your back knees up approach.

I've tried on side but on my back can help too. It's all about the angles. I've yet to get the elusive hands free moment but have got close before. On a related note, I used a dildo today and was experimenting with different angles to mimic different positions. Weird thing was that it would turn whilst inside me. Is this common? I could imagine it's less of an issue if someone else is doing the thrusting as it will be locked in place by the harness.