Prostate Massager

Hi all A week ago I got the order from LH (Discreet and delivered fast! Thx!). With the order I got my self my third prostate Massager, hopefully it will finally help me find the "Magic spot". I got the Joel kaplan Massager Put the toy in was pretty easy. I entered it with the edge turned up. At the beginning if it feels ok but pushing it little more made me feels an unpleasant weak pain in my lower abdomen so I stopped there. I guess my body warned me this is enough. I turned on the vibration. Tried all 4 levels. When I'm moving the toy up I feel a little pressure on my bladder. I read that this is OK and means I'm doing something right. However I'm not feeling any pleasure. Am I missing something? I'm not that good estimating length so if someone tells me my prostate is located X length it doesn't tell me anything... Be glad for help. My second question is regarding cock ring. I got a basic cock ring from LH. This is the first time I use such thing so I didn't know what to expect. I put it on and after a while my testicles seemed to be blue so I freaked out and pull it off. Is it normal? I know what cock ring is meant for but still I wasn't sure it ok. Maybe you can recommend on the best way put it on. Appreciate any help. Enjoy your day.

Appreciate your suggestions. Will use them soon.

I'm afraid I know nothing about prostate play, but I thought I'd chuck you a link to the cockring guides to give you a general idea of how best to use them.

Hopefully something in those will help you out.