Prostate massager

Hi. Can someone recommend a vibrating prostate massager that use AA or AAA batteries because the ones I've seen use some random ones that may be hard to get.

Have you checked whether LH sell the batteries needed? I have a prostate massager that uses N size batteries, which LH stock.

I'm pretty sure LH wouldn't sell a battery operated toy without at least selling the battery required. Wouldn't be worth it!

As David said - LH always sell the batteries to go with toys - but here are a few that I have found and also a couple that are rechargeable with great reviews:

But there are lots more to choose from on here - here is my search link :

Hope this helps xx

Thanks for that I've just found this one 43552 remote control and the reviews look quite good as well and use AAA batteries.

This great for using together always hits the spot AS A battery

One of our very favourite toys, actually.

Trouble Loves Me wrote:

One of our very favourite toys, actually.

This is my fave:

It's great becuase of how precise you can be with it :)