Prostrate cancer

I’m losing my hard to semiy hard don’t know if I’m use it to much

Some advice if known

Your best bet is to see a urologist if you're between 40 and 60. I am suspecting could be ED... Hopefully I'm wrong. Low testosterone, hypertension and diabetes are main culprits in most cases.

Anyway, can't use someone's experience to tell you coz people are born differently. Some men suffer from ED in their early forties while others are solid rocketing at 70.

Hope you find the root cause. BTW Prostrate cancer shouldn't affects.

Have you spoken to your cancer treatment team about it? I know nothing about prostrate cancer treatment, I wonder if your treatment could be causing your problem?

COuld just be age, my love - I don't think many middle-aged guys get as hard as they did at 18 - at 18 your willy would be almost stuck to your tummy when it got hard lol then by middle age it still gets hard but just points straight out rather than up!

This page may help you x

I would suggest speaking to the doctor about it. They can do some tests to see whether it's related to a medical issue or some other factor like stress. :)

Se your GP, a simple blood test will show whether you are at risk. The doc may also do a finger penetration to feel the prostate - don't be worried about this, it is very clinical. He's had these tests a few times now and has them annually. it's an age thing.

Overuse is preferable to underuse as clearing the prostate of fluid regularly is considered by the medics to be good for it. A simple blood test looking for something known as the PSA level will tell them what they need to know.