Pubic Laser Hair Removal

Has anyone done laser hair removal on their pubes? I started shaving a long time ago and moved to waxing which is much better but still a pain. I would have a large area of hair if I didn't maintain it and would be definately interested in permanent removal if it works.

If you use the forum search there are a few threads on it. Professional clinic results seem better than the home device route, but there is obviously a cost involved in the clinic route.

With some of the home machines, it seems to vary in success. I'm about 6 months in to using a babyliss home IPL machine every 2-3 weeks, limited changes so far to hair growth (and same for Mrs Sen who has been doing it same time too) but others with different devices have had more luck.

If you have a search you should find my post on this. I'm currently using and reporting on an HPL (home IPL) system for pubic hair removal. I'm just coming up to my 4th fortnightly treatment. So far it hasn't been as effective as the ads claim but I'll keep going and updating my post.

Here it is rockstar!

Thank you 😃.

Hey Luscious Laura,

I'm currently in the process of having LRH on my pubic area through a clinic. I've gone for 'Hollywood' which aims to remove all hair - front and back.

To date I have had 3 out of the 8 courses (currently delayed due to Covid-19). Already I am seeing a difference! As the treatment hasn't been complete, there is still hair growing back, however it is thinner, lighter and grows a lot slower than before. Some areas there's a lot less hair growing back, so I believe once the treatment has been complete, there will definitely be a huge improvement!

I will say, it is painful. However, it only takes 5-10 mins to complete each time. For me the pain is worth it as I've struggled with ingrown hairs for years and nothing I did seemed to calm it down. This made me very uncomfortable and insecure. The treatment is already improving on this as well, so I am very happy!

If it is something you are considering, once the clinics are open again, I'd recommend to book a free consultation. That why you'll be able to speak to a professional who will give you a better insight into how it works and what is suitable for you.

I've just done another session with my HPL device and reported back in the post highlighted by Brenna above.