Public Solo Sessions

Have you ever masturbated in a public? if so where?

Something me and the wife spoke about over a glass of wine, she was shocked at some of the places i have (oops)

In the car while waiting to pick my wife up from the train...

On an Aeroplane on way back from Australia

In a hospital bed LMAO. I had some bladder stones removed 2 years ago and I had my own room instead of being in a ward and well as you can expect being in a hospital bed is boring, so had plenty of opportunity to masturbate ;) My partner visited me every day and I suggested we have a quiet quickie in my hospital room but he was scared of being caught.

Brilliant Emma

When I was younger! Quite a few years ago now! My then girlfriend lived about 50 miles so had a long drive when I would go to pick her up, on more than one occasion she would wanked me and sucked me off whilst I was driving on the trip back to my house! Oh the stupid things you do when your young!!

In the garden last night.... Wife watched from the bedroom....

In a field while walking the dog many years ago. On a beach and in the car.

Ermmm.... On a beach, in a car, on a train, in a night club, in a fitting room, at work, in a park and on a ghost train at the fair when it got stuck 🤪🥴🤣 I think I have a problem! Lol

In a forest... went for a long walk... Was risky and fun

Me and my girlfriend play public games and she often tells me to when I’m out alone or if the are in a pub. Many in public places when I was out for my daily walk on lock down as people wasn’t about a lot so could be more open and add extra risk but have done in a few pub toilets girlfriend dares me and gets me to prove it with photos or videos

Also we have a balcony that comes off our flat that is over looked but often do things together or alone. Like I said we did try a lot more in the public with lockdown and a few ally’s



Public bathroom

If I get my favourite fantasies ready, I can have a mini orgasm hands-free. So, anywhere, really. Tight jeans and knowing where the right muscles are. Does that count?

Some good ideas... Solo in the car, in work, in the living room with friends in the next room, at the beach, in the pool and hot tub

In a sauna while on holiday in a spa. The spa lady said just out the towel on and nothing else. As soon as I got it on, went for a shower first as you do! Then we went into 2 different saunas, one was hotter than the other. Anyway, my partners towel came undone and her boobs popped out. I was hard anyway and said wow! Then she replied have a wank. She teased me with her feet over the towel. Then I just undone it and started wanking, felt so naughty cause anyone could of walked in anytime.

Quite a few for both me and hubby lots in the car either parked up or as a passenger.

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