Pure Vibes Waterproof Rabbit Vibe

I got this as a valentines gift from a shop in Blackburn. Tested it that night and was very impressed with its power control. The main shaft rotates in either direction to variable speeds and the clit stimulator also has 3 speeds. It worked a treat!! I already had a regular favorite but now I have a new toy. More like powerfull vibes, not pure vibes. Still to test it in the shower.

how loud is it? my shower is next to my flatmates bedroom!....always paranoid about having any fun in their unless its quiet fun!!!

This one is pretty quiet compared to other standard pearl rabbit vibes (some of which sound like pneumatic drills!). The material it's made of seems to absorb the noise of the motor quite well.

I love my bath time birdie vibrator it's quite quiet and cheaper than the one advertised check it out at this great new uk website www.lovelocker.co.uk

Thanks for your messages, suze69. It would be much better for the community if you had something contribute other than blatant plugs for your Web site.

If you visit the contact area, there is a feedback option for "I am a retailer and I want you to link to my site".

Perhaps you should use it?!

Me and my girlfriend have a vibe very similar to this - the Carousel. She absolutely loves the rotating shaft on the front wall of her vagina and the only time it's been a bit loud is when we bought extra powerful batteries - but boy, did it vibrate!

Now looking for a similar toy that has this rotating shaft... not just rotating pearl beads. Can anyone suggest one that isn't just a variation on the vibe above?

i have the bathtime bunny from lovehoney(better site than lovelocker i think) lol and thats quiet and pleasurable(bathroom or bedroom) i recomend

This seems to tick all of my boxes! LOL
Can't wait for payday and an order will be placed!
Thanks for the great reviews of it Queen Mab and Gingerteri