Put the magic in my wand?

Ok, so we've got a fair few toys, some are solid favourites others are gently settling towards the bottom of one of the various toy drawers.

This week, for easter weekend we decided to buy something a little different and grab the Hitachi Magic Wand due to its legendary status. We also bought a regulator thingy.

Well... to cut a long story short we didn't wait until the weekend to try it and tonight was the night, unfortunately though my OH didn't seem to get much from it which seems odd after reading all of the glowing reviews.

So we were wondering, (more like hoping) that someone from these lovely forums might be able to tell us what position, setting etc. they were using. Or just give us some hints in general (re: the wand).


I've bee eyeing one up for ages as well but am still tog et round ordering one. From what i've read most people find it too powerful for direct clit stimulation, and have to use it a bit further down to get the benifits!

Hopefully someone with some personal experiance will have a say, as most of the reviews talk about them being out of this world! If worst comes to worst - at least you have something to give a back massage with!

I know somebody who had to use a pillow with it, because without the cushioning of the pillow, the vibrations were too strong for her. With the pillow, she loved it. :)

It might take some experimentation to find the best way to use it for you. Have fun trying! :)

I find the head of the wand much too large to get focussed stimulation from, so I use one of the attachments (gspot one) to get the tip specifically to the clit rather than to the entire area. Then it needs a light touch, for me.

I'm planning to get a little bullet with a rabbit ear sleeve so I can try the sleeve on the magic wand, see how that works..

Oh actually (where's that bloody edit function) I forgot to say that I have a regulator box so I can control the speed with a dial rather than the off/strong/super strong setting on the wand itself.

Dredging up an old thread but a professional take on the power of wands!


Just worth noting that the OP is now irrelevant, its settled as her fav. toy of all time!

try kneeling up and then sitting back down so its on your perenium. The vibrations travel deep and then you're free to play, or let her play or even be ridden. Intense.