Pvc or latex bikini

wife wants 1. cant find a good 1 anywhere. any suggestions?

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There is this PVC one:

Or maybe the top from that with a skimpier bottom half like this one?

We can’t link to non LH products but I think one of those options fit you brief?


Etsy may have something? Or another high st store similar to LH?


Surely that would go funny when swimming as its just a bra?


Sorry, I thought you were just after the look.

What do you think a bikini is? If you want it to behave like a traditional bikini you’re going to need lycra not PVC, Latex or wet look stuff for swimming.

For swimming, I think (though haven’t tested) wet look might go see through. PVC and Latex would probably be fine but they won’t behave on the body like a traditional stretchy lycra bikini.

Other than the material there is very little difference between some bikini tops and a bra.