Question for men who enjoy anal/P Spot play.

From a woman who has become fascinated in giving this kind of pleasure, (I have recently bought a strap on but we are both new to the idea so I want to start small and I have a few questions. Well I want to get it right.

Where is it exactly, (I have read online where it is but I am still not 100%)

What does it feel like (In other words how will I know I am touching the right place)

How should you erm, play with it for best feelings? Firm pressing? Rubbing? Sliding in and out? circular motions? Help!

What does it feel like for you guys when it is being touched?

Any other tips at all? Thank you for your replies and you dont have to answer all. Any help at all appreciated.

I can only speak from my own experience

Insert a well lubed finger into his ass, palm facing upwards. About 2-3" in you should feel a walnut sized lump on the upper wall. Make a "come here" motion with your finger, At this point i start to squirm

Different ways of rubbing and stroking produce different results. Do not be surprised if he does not get hard or loses his erection. I find it scrambles my brain and turns my legs to jelly. It's a different type of orgasm.

As for pegging, start slowly at first then later you can bang him doggy style whilst pulling his hair.

my other half is very happy for me to use my finger from time to time but will never let me play with toys even though i think he would enjoy it x

hi, I tried to reply the other day but the techy problems prevented me.

as a guy who is also fairly new to anal play I'd say that having something up there will feel intense enough that you probably don't need to worry about it if he's new to it. Any sort of stimulation will make things feel more intense. As he gets more used to it encourage him to try it on his own - once he finds the spot he can guide you to it.

If he is put off by toys try a bullet around his cock/balls/taint and trail it across his anus and see if he likes it. If he does insert it a little. Go from there. There's a stigma that says for a lot of men that if they enjoy stimulation anally then they're gay, wrong, whatever. It obviously does not mean that but it can take some getting used to from people I've spoken to about it. Just go slow and if he enjoys it he should slowly accept it.

fluffbags remind me later/when we have a hugggeee catchup next for this to be our topic of conversation as I have lots of tips for you hope you're ok mwah x

Thankyou for your replies so far. Yes Scarab, I believe a lot of guys refuse to try this kind f lay for those very reasons. Luckily I am really open and I think I have encouraged him to try it. taking it slowly of coourse. He enjoys being licked there and we have attempted to use a finger on a few occasions but he says that although it feels ok at first, it starts to get uncomfortable and distracting. (Which is exactly what my ex said, so I am really wondering if I was doing something wrong) i remember it was a similar experience for me until I got used to the sensations so I guess its more mental and getting used to the sensations. At the moment I dont even move inside him, just kinda allow it to be there.

Ok TT look forward to catching up!! and hearing your opinions also xx mwahh

@ curious male, thanks for the heads up regardng the erection. I would of assumed that if that had gone he would of not been enjoying it and moved on. Ofc we communicate well so he wouuld tell me if it was not working for him, but thats good to know!

Fluffbags. You may have reached the pinnacle of his comfort zone, we are all different. An ex of mine liked being restrained, though she drew the line at being blindfolded. Different strokes and all that

Hi, with your man on his back and knees to his chest, with your hand upside down put your index on middle finger in there. Use a come here motion you should be able to feel it; it feels like a small half walnut around 2 inches up there. Your man will know you are on it as the feelings are very intense once you are on, it and get him to tell you what works best for him as what’s good for me he may not like. I love all of these, Firm pressing Rubbing Sliding in and out circular motions. I prefer a powerful p spot vibrator thrust in and out as well as on vibe. For me it feels fantastic and my partner got me into it, if done right and you get to know what is good for him, he may even come having his booty probed alone, and trust me he won't of had an orgasm like it, if not the feelings are well worth it and makes your toes curl. I always douche beforehand to make sure all is clear + reasurance for clean and safe fun, always a couple hours before the act so any water trapped in there has time to flow out. Lube and more lube, you can never use too much Start small and slow and work your way up to bigger things. Before using a strap on on him try using a butt plug on him for about half hour, this will make his bum bigger and more relaxed to accommodate the thrusting motion he will get. For me there is no such thing as rushed anal sex and prep and communication is a must. Done right he will be begging for more Hope this helps and all the best, Have fun :0)