Question for the ladies (squirting)

How does it feel when you squirt?

Think I might have done but not really sure. I definitely didn't orgasm though I don't think or if I did it didn't feel the same as usual.

Wet, can be very wet, always handy to have a towel handy.

It feels different to me than a clitoral orgasm, more a pushing sensation like you need to pee, but I end up shaking a lot more and it feels intense to me. Oh and best going to the toilet to empty your bladder first.

For me its seperate to orgasm. I mean it usually happens at the same time but not always and then I don't know I've done it until I feel the wet.

Same as what la83 said. It doesnt feel like a clitoral orgasm (you dont get rythmic contractions etc) It feels like a big build up of intense....excitement/pressure? not just "down there" like something intense is building and building. Then you have this (as la83 says) pushing sensation or like a feeling of wanting to let go or relieve this intensity. (Also a feeling of "omg I need to pee") The actual squirting part is like "relieving" that intensity or letting go and that feels good (ofc) And then you go right back and do it all again :D hehe

Ahhh I dont think I described that very well but I tried xx

What it doesnt feel like, is a clitoral orgasm, where you get those contractions and waves. I guess the build up is similar (but in a different place so will feel different) It feels just as intense but in a different way, thats the best way I can describe it.

I will say though that wether you orgasmed or not, as long as it felt amazing and you are enjoying it...keep doing it! :D

That's it exactly fluffbags, well described.

I usually need a clitoral first, then the next one's are the wet ones. So do like multiples.

I find if I am close to orgasm but squirt before I get there I can't then orgasm!

It does feel like a pressure, definitely that you might pee. I usually find now it just happens. You know when you pee you have to give a little push, for me it just gushes out when I squirt. But by the looks of it, that's different to other people. If you use toys or fingers, it usually feels like they are about to be pushed out. Still feels really good though. And yes towels! Although sometimes I find i need more than one!

Hmm I don't know then, for me it was 3 contractions a bit higher up in the vagina then I normally experience with an orgasm, then a short trickling sensation which felt warm. I did feel the need to pee but I usually feel like that before I come anyway. I didn't get the normal warm wave that sweeps over your whole body when you come or get sensitive afterwards but even though I was right on the brink and never been more excited for so long in my life I couldn't come.

Thats why I'm not sure exactly what happened.

If you are able to, keep going, even after a few minutes, see if that makes a difference. abouts.....

Have you ever been pregnant and had your waters break? You get a sort of gushing feeling (well, I do) and sometimes you can just feel it go - as others have said, definately not like a clit orgasm although I can get the same feelings through an anal orgasm

Sometimes I do just find I have a trickling sensation too but it isn't me squirting! Like la83 said, keep at it, sometimes it takes a while (for me) for enough fluid to build up to squirt properly

Hmm thanks everyone, was already at it long enough, couldn't possibly have carried on any longer. :( Always has taken me a very long time to get anywhere even with vibes. I will try again at some point though.

Never been pregnant so no idea how that feels lol.

It feels different for me on different occasions - there's no uniform sensation.

Sometimes I only squirt a tiny bit, just a spit, or a little flow, and then I don't feel anything particular noticeable.

When I squirt a lot - a big gush - then I usually know it's going to happen. I feel a build up of pressure, rather like I need to pee. And my orgasm is very intense - a very bodily orgasm, which I feel in my tummy and down the tops of my legs.

Most people reckon the g-spot is key to all this, and perhaps it often it, but I also usually squirt from anal sex.

Personally, I tend to ejaculate during my orgasm or just afterwards - but I do think every woman has a different response. My partner squirts before she comes, and sometimes several times before she actually orgasms.

Amazing and definitely need a towl and I wouldn't be doing it on the bed because it will seep right through but if you squirt u and your man will know!!!

As everyone else has said. It's a different sensation than orgasm. I definitely need a towel!

You can feel it building in a different place. When I can feel it coming I need to continue until I have squirted, just orgasms won't do. They don't happen everytime,but they are great to experience.

I have wanted to squirt for years but never have. I think some women just can't

once i start i go for ages... i fucking love it :p