Is it normal to act and dress feminine while masturbation?


Everyone’s normal is different don’t worry about your kinks expresses yourself and enjoy them

Hope you feel sexy when playing x


Thank you for your support, I’m not looking to be “normal”, just to see if I can identify what exactly my kink/fetish is and how to explore it further. But few people I’ve talked to seen to think it’s a commonly explored kink,
Thank you again!

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Yes,it’s very common.I’m pretty much certain most guys have tried it at some time and a lot more do it than regularly than admit it.It is so much fun and so sexy and well worth exploring.

Whatever you like

The term “normal” is not generally well received given it is so subjective in nature but if you search out all the men in knickers type discussions you will find that what you are asking about is pretty common.

If it’s good enough for sex (and it is an extremely common kink in M-F couples), it’s good enough for masturbation. Just go for it.

It sounds like you have a sissification kink. Is it “normal”? To others with a sissification kink, yes. Everyone has a kink, not everyone understands them. I have quite detailed medical kinks that I’ve been judged for, but that others (namely those who also have medical play kinks) find exceptionally hot. I wouldn’t worry about what “normal” is, just enjoy being you :slight_smile:


The question you may want to consider is… what are the rules that make something ‘normal’?

We all have different thoughts about both what is normal, as well as if it important to fit a particular definition.

It can be tricky to wrestle with a particular idea of normal, when you start to consider what you were taught growing up… however, what I can assure you, is that many people here don’t worry about what is normal or not - they are very good at just being supportive.

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Does it matter if it’s ‘normal’?

If it works for you and doesn’t involve the vulnerable, do whatever feels good for you.

As pretty much everyone has stated, normal is subjective based on what one reads and the folks they associate with. Go to the swing club Wednesday night and Sunday service on the weekend… very deffirent “normals” involved.

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